Yes, that scary face is totally the same guy who’s playing the keyboard. Around here, he’s called ‘Vini’. His exotic name is a direct result of his exotic origins. Vinicius is a Brazilian of German descent, and therefore has an extremely conflicted cultural identity–disciplined and reserved, and yet, extremely not disciplined and reserved. Go figure.

Vini is a developer who has a keen interest in new technologies. We’d list them here, but that’s nerdy, and you don’t care anyway. Prior to coming to Melaroo, he worked with HSBC, the bank. Yawn.

Like many of us, Vini is a photography aficionado who loves pizza, and is married to the most beautiful woman in the world (Priscilla). His brood tally is second on the team: three kids.

Fun fact: since Vini came on board, Ted is not the tallest Melaroo team member!