Rent an apartment.Get free stuff!

Apartment Jockey aims to make take some of the agony out of apartment hunting by rewarding lessees with cool prizes. From big-screen TV’s to margarita machines, everyone can find something sweet to put in their new apartment.

The Brand

While getting something cool for free can be fairly alluring in and of itself, we identified early on that our audience would respond better to a fun experience with a high production value that imbued it with a sense of legitimacy, than just the promise of a check in the mail. Various manifestations of the logo, and the swag that bears it, embrace this commitment to a legitimate good time.

The Website

Check it out!

Because the core functionality of the site is so unique, there’s not a WordPress plugin on the planet that comes close to doing the job. This site was a ground-up development, fully custom, front to back.

The website is robust and highly intuitive. It provides immediate feedback, and looks amazing. While the production value is high, it maintains a quirky, laid back appeal that feels more like a game than a faceless corporation.

Front End

The web experience is designed to be fluid, cohesive, and intuitive from start to finish. If you’re looking for an apartment, our database is full of them. It’s quick to access, easy to search, and chock full of options. If you already know where you’re going to live, you can find it in seconds. If you’re brand new to the concept of apartment locating (and how you can benefit from it), there’s a clear, concise message that employs various media–animation, video, blog format, the occasional landing page, and a well-organized FAQ. The voice is fun, friendly, and informative enough to thoroughly educate in a few easy minutes.

Once you identify your apartment of choice, you’ll see the prize options available and click your favorite–you’ll get a big, friendly form with half the fields already filled out for you. Tell us your information, what you’re renting, and when you move in, and you’re good to go!

Back End

Once your claim is submitted, our folks see your information and get right to work getting you the goods. Much of the fulfillment is automated, which means faster payment for the Jockey, and faster delivery of your prizes.
Because we’re managing such huge amounts of data (1,900 properties in the Houston area alone), we needed to automate that aspect as well. Pricing and availability change all the time, so we had to make our database refresh as rapid as possible. A parser in the back end grabs incongruent listing files from our data sources and maps them to our local database. It calls out new properties that still need photos, which (sadly) must still be sourced and added manually. It even identifies apartment complexes by their address, and using geofencing techniques, assigns them to arbitrary neighborhoods for mapping and filtered search. As with much of our work, this little extra up front yields enormous dividends down the road.

The Money Shot

Apartment Jockey has some competitors that mail checks to their clients, but research as shown that people experience a huge dopamine kick when touching actual cash. So we developed a means of dousing them in it.

A Cursory Education

People love watching cartoons, so in order to maximize the fleeting seconds of attention people are willing to give us, we packed our message into a short, animated video.

Convincing people

“Yeah, right. Nothing’s free.” Obviously, a free PlayStation for renting an apartment sounds a little too good to be true, so we had to do our darnedest to prove that we would actually do what we say we’re going to. And there’s no better way to prove something happened than with video evidence. We produced–and continue to produce–videos of happy clients receiving their prizes, as well as fun bits about us wantonly doing away with fairly nice electronics and money, just to show how sincere we are.

Apartment Jockey is a comprehensive marketing solution hatched, raised, slaughtered, braised, and offered up for the public enjoyment by Melaroo. To get some similar magic for your business, contact us!