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Heroic Solar Systems

KW Solar puts solar panels on roofs. Pretty straightforward. They like the idea of true energy independence, self reliance, and a cleaner future. They like the simplicity of photovoltaics–pure science, no moving parts. They like the economics; personal solar systems can save people significant amounts of money. But most of all, they just think it’s rad to generate electricity from sunlight, free energy that would otherwise just heat up the attic and melt the holiday decorations.

About KW Solar

The Website

A solar panel array that costs thousands of dollars is hardly an impulse buy. Making a financial transaction as smooth as possible is a good goal when you’re selling coffee grinders or candy bars, but solar is a much longer sales and delivery process, and it takes a lot of warm fuzzies. The goal of the KW Solar website is to convey that the company and its people are
Competent. Trustworthy. Likable. And of course, if we can make them easy to notice and remember, we’ve done a pretty swell job.

The brand is high-impact. The format is fluid and accessible. The color scheme and layout are ergonomic and approachable. The high production value of the site conveys that this company has its act together. A vast knowledge base puts exhaustive information at the reader’s fingertips, favoring transparency over the mysticism that so many tech companies like to dangle over their customers’ noses. The dialog is folksy and fun. Readers get the impression KW loves what they do, and are good at it. As a customer, it’s hard not to get sucked in to a company’s culture when its people have so much fun at work.

And of course, the content revolves around KW’s capacity as a purveyor and installer of rooftop solar systems.

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The Wiz

A real-number solar estimation tool based on YOUR roof.

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Automated solar estimates

As with most companies, KW Solar personnel were doing a lot of things that can be done better and faster by computers. After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the company’s workflow, Melaroo developed a web tool for cutting huge chunks out of the manual process, freeing up human resources to do what people do well and enjoy doing, which typically doesn’t include easy, repetitive tasks.

Interactivity and automation resulted in numerous benefits for the company, with one integrated tool that does a lot of things brilliantly, including, but not limited to qualifying leads, educating prospects, aggregating information, and managing processes.

Here’s a rundown of what the Wiz does, start to finish:

  1. User enters address
  2. Sees their rooftop
  3. Selects where their panels will go
  4. Configures their system
  5. Sees real time pricing and production estimates
  6. Opts to be contacted
  7. Info pushed into CRM
  8. Salesperson generates quote
  9. Installation is managed via web app

The Wiz is a smart, ergonomic tool improves both speed and accuracy of the process, at every step along the way.

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The Brochure

The comprehensive overview of KW Solar, how solar works, and reasons to get solar.

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