Sales and management software for solar companies.

Jigawatt supercharges the complete solar project life cycle.
Generate, manage, and convert quality leads using Jigawatt’s integrated solar CRM.

This is our baby

Jigawatt incubated as an internal CRM software project for a client of ours (KW Solar). Before long, the folks at KW were showing it off to their solar friends, who started banging down our door for a similar product. As we tried to shoehorn features into the software to allow other companies to use it, we realized it needed to be reimagined as a full-fledged SAAS product, and Jigawatt was born.

Design systems. Generate quotes. Manage projects.

A solar CRM, and so much more

The goal of Jigawatt is to streamline all of the aspects of acquiring, quoting, closing, and installing solar jobs. Instead of needing a hodge-podge of contact lists, spreadsheets, and accounting software, Jigawatt consolidates the process and brings the tools under one roof.

Automated solar lead generator

The Wiz is a rich solar experience that gives site visitors a fun, interactive, and educational first impression. Users design solar layouts on their own rooftops, choose a panel, and get an instant estimate. If they are interested in proceeding with an install, their contact info is directly imported into the Jigawatt ecosystem as a quality lead, ready to go.

Solar quoting, supercharged

A core feature of the Jigawatt solar sales process is quoting. We integrated the quote tool with many internal and external components to make quoting powerful and flexible.

It doesn’t stop at quoting. Each Jigawatt solar quote automatically generates a clean, customizable proposal. With a little bit of education sprinkled in with the production estimates and costs, customers are able to make decisions confidently and quickly, expediting the lead closure.